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Comment: The lifeless body of Allison DeFeo, age 13.
masterbedroom1 * Fingerprint dust covers the door to the master bedroom. Big Ronnie's dresser looks like a makeshift shrine with Catholic statues and a votive candle, which was one of the only light sources used in the murders. * 600 x 500 * (198KB)

masterbedroom2 * The master bedroom. Underneath the window air-conditioner sits dishes that may have contained some of the DeFeos' last meal. * 600 x 468 * (128KB)

evidence * An envelope of money recovered from the master bedroom, which helped disprove the prosecution's theory that Butch DeFeo killed his family for valuables. * 434 x 600 * (99KB)

brownrecliner * The brown recliner, outside of the master bedroom, was where a military-style flashlight was found by the police. The flashlight was listed as item #31 on the Suffolk County Police Laboratory reports. * 469 x 600 * (146KB)

secondfloorbath * The second-floor bathroom that Allison, Marc, and John shared. * 469 x 600 * (105KB)

allisoninbed.jpg - 600 x 574 - (124KB)
9/9/04 8:11 PM
allison1 * Allison DeFeo's bedroom. * 474 x 379 * (111KB)

allison2 * Allison DeFeo's second bed, where she normally laid out her school clothes the night before. * 480 x 373 * (138KB)

allison3 * Allison DeFeo's bedroom and her passion for jigsaw puzzles. * 600 x 426 * (151KB)

boysbedroom2 * The DeFeo boys' bedroom. * 471 x 372 * (89KB)

johnmatt * The lifeless body of John DeFeo, age 9. * 407 x 600 * (116KB)

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