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Comment: The gunboxes in Butch DeFeo's bedroom, which were found in an alcove, was contested by the defense at the DeFeo trial. The empty .35-caliber Marlin rifle box showed police that Butch DeFeo had access to the murder weapon. The defense, however, argued that the boxes were really stored in the closet and only later planted in plain sight by the police detectives.
marcsmattress * Marc DeFeo's bloody mattress. * 600 x 477 * (156KB)

lookingup * The view from the second floor looking up. * 370 x 463 * (66KB)

butchsroom1 * The bedroom of convicted Amityville mass murderer Ronald

butchsroom2 * Butch DeFeo's bedroom. * 372 x 472 * (115KB)

butchsroom3 * The neatly packed closet of Butch DeFeo. * 600 x 434 * (139KB)

gunbox.jpg - 412 x 600 - (120KB)
9/9/04 7:41 PM
thirdfloorbath * The DeFeo's third-floor bathroom that Butch and Dawn DeFeo shared. * 478 x 600 * (125KB)

thirdfloorchair * A chair on the third floor. The clothes, hanging on the banister to the right, later became cataloged as item #66 on the Suffolk County Police Laboratory reports. * 600 x 478 * (124KB)

dawninbed * The lifeless body of Dawn DeFeo, age 18. * 588 x 484 * (140KB)

dawnsroom1 * Dawn DeFeo's bedroom. * 434 x 600 * (88KB)

dawnsroom2 * A stuffed animal and Dawn's makeup collection in her bedroom. * 600 x 475 * (147KB)

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